What Succulent Is Used In The Production Of Mezcal?

maguey agave succulent

I’ve seen more and more Mezcal on the back shelf of my favorite watering hole lately. I know it’s similar to tequila, and tequila is made from a succulent, but what succulent is Mezcal made from? I did some research and found what plant is used in the production of Mezcal.

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Are Succulents Poisonous To Cats?

Are succulents poison to cats?

I was reminded of how curious cats are last Christmas when Mr. Pickles went to town on an heirloom ornament halfway up my Christmas tree. Not long after that Mr. pickles gave my blue echeveria a munch and that got me wondering; are succulents poisonous to cats?

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Are Succulents Poisonous To Humans?


All plants (and succulents, in particular) are known for overcoming the harsh climates and predators they live in. I was reminded of this the other day when I pricked myself good on a spiny succulent plant which got me thinking, are some of my favorite plants poisonous or do they just want to stab me?

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Are Succulents Deer Resistant?

Ever since I started gardening, I figured that my spiny companions were totally deer-proof. So is it true what they say? Are succulents and cacti really deer resistant?

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What Are Succulent Plants?

jade plant succulent thumbnail

As I was doing the weekly soak of my mini succulent garden the other day, I stopped dead in my tracks as the question occurred to me: what are succulents?  I’ve been loving caring, planting, and watering them for years, but since grade school, I haven’t really looked up what exactly they are.

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